Everyone can sketch. Get a piece of paper, any piece of paper, and a pen or pencil or marker and make some drawings, notes, scribbles. Be daring! Start a sketchbook! Make yourself do a sketch a day, write something about the day, and don't worry about whether it's any "good". Lines can be crooked, color can be weird, lopsided is ok! Sketching helps you to see things you might otherwise overlook. When you look at your sketches later, the days will come back to you, in a very real way. It's good for your brain, good for your psyche, good to leave to your loved ones. I always prefer an artists' sketches and studies to the big studio pieces....they are more personal and immediate.

 Sketching in Lundy Canyon


Field Sketching

Pages from my Sketchbooks, click on an image to enlarge

All Artwork copyright 2019 by Monica Schwalbenberg-Peña

Shollenberger Hill with Stilt Chick

Watercolor Sketch on Paper